Neema Lalela

Was ist der Freundeskreis Neema Lalela e. V. ?

Der Freundeskreis Neema Lalela e.V. unterstützt die gemeinnützige Organisation „Neema Lalela“ in Südafrika. Neema Lalea kann mit „gütig zuhören“ übersetzt werden und beschreibt die Intention der Organisation. Mit Sitz in Johannesburg hat sie sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, jungen Opfern von HIV/AIDS, vor allem Waisenkinder, ein Gehör zu schenken.
Betroffene Kindern sollen durch verschiedene Projekte eine glückliche Kindheit erleben können und die besten Voraussetzungen für einen erfolgreichen Start ins Leben erhalten.

„Freundeskreis Neema Lalela e. V.“ ist die Partnerorganisation für „Neema Lalela“ in Südafrika

Dear Friends of Neema Lalela, Neema Lalela is 10 years old this year!! In 2007 this Non Profit – / Public Benefit Organisation was founded in the West Rand Lutheran Community Church by a number of members who had the welfare and development of young children and teenagers on their hearts.

Since then, a number of projects have been initiated, some with success and others less so.

We care for 8 children in two foster homes, we sponsor children to attend our pre-school and school and we enable children to attend our Incredible Kids program as well as our teenage camp. We also fund extra-curricular activities like sports and music lessons, which help the children develop their talents and healthy habits.

Our plan for the future is to expand our efforts to help more children. We are looking at various ways to do this, but for that we need to expand our base of members and donors.

In 2016 the Neema Lalela organisation was taken to Europe, with the “Friends of Neema Lalela” charitable organisation being started in Germany. Some ex-interns of WRLCC carried their love for our foster children with them and decided to start fund raising in their home towns and congregations.

At the end of 2016 they had raised €12 400 for Neema Lalela!! We are grateful to God for giving them a heart for these children, and grateful to them for their dedication and hard work!

We pray that many more of you will become friends and supporters of Neema Lalela.

In Matthew 9:37-38 Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is great but the workers are few. 38 So pray to the LORD who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields.”

Dr Romy Kuhn